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Bloubergstrand - Luxury Outside of the City

Welcome to Bloubergstrand, a mesmerizing suburb at the edge of Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is known as a true melting-pot where numerous different cultures from all over the world blend into one dynamic warm welcoming society. The diversity and cheerful environment cover nearly every corner of the place from the center of the town itself to the surrounding areas including Bloubergstrand.

Located about 15 miles north of Cape Town, this is the suburb where people who looks for a break from busy city streets and crowded hotels find the perfect getaway. The name “Bloubergstrand” literally translates to “blue mountain beach” and it does speak for itself. One of the biggest attractions in the suburb is the long stretch of white sand beach of the South Atlantic Ocean decorated by few rocky outcrops sprinkled with black mussels. The constant windy nature of the beaches allows for seemingly endless friendly waves all year long; small wonder that it has become a widely popular spots for kite-surfing and windsurfing.

Sportsmen and –women cannot get enough of the exciting adventures on their boards, while spectators are enthusiastically cheering and smiling along the shores. Bloubergstrand beaches are also perfect for family vacation where everyone can enjoy sun-tanning all day long and take a dip into the cold fresh water. Let us not forget about the abundant of amenities such as dining options and shops on the beachfront; all are within your arm’s reach without losing the view of the disappearing orange sun.

Where to Stay

In most – if not all – cases, spending a day in Bloubergstrand gives just a glimpse of what the place can really offer and deliver. It takes at least a week or possibly more than several sunsets to get a grasp of the beauty and create everlasting memories yet still you will find countless reasons to come back.

Unless traveling back to town and leaving the opportunities to feel a bit of solitude in favor of crowded amusements in town are duties you must fulfill, there isn’t really any reason not to stay a little longer in Bloubergstrand. In addition to countless dining options and other public conveniences on the beachfront, the suburb also offers stuffs that often come only in dreams: a sea-view apartment filled with more than enough comfort features to make you feel right at home.

It takes only 2 minutes of walking from the apartment to Bloubergstrand beaches and it is just few steps away from most local activities. Located on the third-floor, you get direct access to the beautiful views of Table Mountain and stretches of blue Atlantic Ocean simply by standing by the glass window. Fixtures include fully-equipped kitchen, spacious lounge, luxury bathroom, luxury bedroom, and even BBQ grill.

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